ICPAN National Headquarters Kaduna

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria (ICPAN) was established May 1988. It became a body cooperate on the 6th of May 1996, following its registration with the corporate affairs commission under The Companies and Allied Matters Act 1 of 1990 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, making it a reputable accounting body in Nigeria. It is a professional body established for the purpose of professionalizing public sector accountants in the local, state and federal civil service nation-wide.


ICPAN The aims of establishing the institute of Certified Public Accounts of Nigeria (ICPAN) are:

1. To provide an organization, national and international in scope, and activity for all Accountants, Treasurers, Financial Officers in Federal and State Ministries, Parastatals, Corporations and indeed the Local Governments.

2. It will encourage highly qualified individuals and promote the availability of outstanding academic programmes.

3. It will equally regulate and control the practice of Public Accountancy in the public sector of the Nigerian economy.

4. To professionalize Public accountants in the Local, State and Federal Civil Service nationwide and also the Public Accountants serving in any organization where government has equity or shares. This is to help in protecting the public treasury by searching, scrutinizing the activities and professional behaviour of Public Accountants.

ICPAN5. To secure a professional status necessary to promote and encourage the study of taxation, auditing, investigation and development of the science of public accountancy.

6. Conduct examination in public accountancy and other subjects relevant to the profession and issue certificate and make awards as desirable.

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