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Admission!                Admission!!               Admission !!!    2017/2018 Session

Study for your Postgraduate Programs overseas from Nigeria and at the comfort of your own country.

You do not need to go and stay overseas before you can do this.  You attend lectures here in Nigeria and get your certificate from UNEM in Costa Rica, one of the oldest recognized Universities in Costa Rica.

University of Costa Rica is recognized by Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria and listed among the UNESCO Universities.  This claim is verifiable please.

Take your own destiny in your hand and do not allow a system to dictate for you any more.

Southern Delaware University, USA in collaboration with NSBS is inviting you for your Postgraduate Studies in Nigeria from Costa Rica University Certificate in the following fields.

DBA, Ph.D, MBA, in the following fields:

  1. Forensic Accounting & Audit Investigation
  2. Accounting and Finance
  3. Economics
  4. Public Sector Accounting
  5. Financial Management
  6. Business Administration
  7. Computer Science
  8. Mathematics
  9. Statistics
  10.  Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  11.  Physics Electronics
  12.  Computer Science & Digital Forensics
  13.  Labour Economics
  14.  Fund Management
  15.  Project Management
  16.   Human Resources Management
  17.   Risk & Strategic Management
  18. Banking & Finance



ENTRY QUALIFICATION FOR Ph.D                      Entry Qualification for

* or MBA                                                             * Bsc or HND



Min. 3 yrs for Ph.D, DBA

1 yr for, MBA


Matured/Professional Students:

This category of student’s PhD is research based only, no course work.


Qualification for above research based PhD is that the person must be at Directorate Level or Chief and must be a Fellow (CIPFM) USA in addition to his MBA.


Lecture for 2017/2018 start by January 2017

Interested individuals should pick up their application form at NSBS office for N25,000 or download from (Application Form for PhD/Msc. University of Costa Rica

=   N25,000 each)


For inquiries, please call 08033007267, 08023530998, 08089908927


Admission Office:

No. 104, Lagos Road, Haruna B/Stop, Ikorodu Lagos.


Acct Details:               North South Business School

Bank :                          Diamond Bank

Acct No:                     0022928547   

Send your Teller to: